We raise our poultry on pasture. We house our flocks in moveable pens, which are portable shelters that allow the flock to be transported to new pasture daily. We supplement their free-range diet with non-gmo feed from Sunrise Farm in Virginia. We have a policy to never use hormones and antibiotics. Small-scale, pastured poultry farming creates a sanitary and low-density environment in which pathogens do not flourish.

Free-range poultry has a remarkably better taste than their factory raised counterparts. Exercise, socialization, high quality feeds, and a stress-free environment are important components that contribute directly to the taste and nutritional value of our poultry products.

Since we raise chickens in small batches, we can ensure that every bird is healthy and processed in a humane manner. We comply with animal welfare standards.

Our chickens can be found at the Western Wake Farmers Market, Downtown Raleigh Farmers Market, and Standard Food. Please feel free to contact us for on-farm pickup as well.

We have plenty of frozen birds now. Our first batch of fresh chickens for the year will be ready April 1, 2017. We will have a steady supply of fresh chickens for the rest of the year.

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