Here’s the link to sign up for the 2018 CSA. If you sign up via the link please mail a check (details in the form). You can also purchase a share in our shop and pay via PayPal. For more information on our CSA see below.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct sale production model that forges a commitment between farmer and patron. The system provides advantages for each stakeholder. Each CSA member contributes a share at the beginning of the season. This allows the farmer to pay off his or her variable costs immediately. Old Milburnie Farm’s variable costs amount to the purchase of seeds, soil amendments, tools, repairs, labor, fuel, packaging, irrigation, etc. In addition, the system allows the farmer to efficiently plan crop rotations, planting dates, and manage capital inputs. The share that each CSA member paid for during “pre-season” is paid back over a series of weeks in incremental distributions of produce. The CSA model provides each member with the advantages of receiving the freshest produce (we pick our produce less than 24 hours prior to delivery), a direct and personal relationship with their farmer, first-choice and knowledge of upcoming products and sales, recipe exchange, discounted bulk pricing, and the satisfaction of supporting a local, sustainable business.

This year OMF is offering both Vegetable CSA and Meat CSA shares. If both CSA  shares together are is too much of a commitment, pre-orders will be available for other farm products at your pickup. And, CSA members get 10%-off other farm products (vegetables, meat, and mushrooms). These items can be added to your share and paid for at CSA pick-up. CSA members are welcome to pre-order additional product at any time prior to share pickup.

Please peruse the website to view a comprehensive list of produce, mushrooms, and meat we’re offering.  Our CSA boxes will contain a mix of the vegetables and/or meat currently available during a given week.

Vegetable CSA: We offer a 7 month, 28 week CSA season that runs from Apr 11 to Nov 14, 2018.  Full shares are $700 and typically feed a family of 2-4. It is the perfect amount for those who cook on a nightly basis or have dinner parties. That breaks down to $25/week. Three quarter shares are $510 ($18/week) and are designed for 1-2 people and/or those who eat out a few nights a week.

  • Vacation and Missing Pickups: The CSA season is 31 weeks, so three of the weeks are built in for vacation. With prior notice it is possible to double your share for one week around a holiday or a special event. If you will be unable to pick up for a given week, please notify us ideally one week before hand, but at least 24 hours in advance so we do not over harvest. If you do not let us know about missing a week before pick-up the share will be deducted from your 28 total shares. We’ll do our best to provide a alternate pick-up when needed, but cannot guarantee our ability to do so.

Meat CSA:This year OMF is offering a Meat CSA in addition to the Vegetable CSA. The Meat CSA is an opportunity to get local, antibiotic-free, GMO-free pork and chicken for 10%-off market price. Meat CSA shares are either 10 or 15 lb of meat per month. The shares will be a variety of cuts of both chicken and pork. For more information on the cuts of chicken and pork we offer please visit our website. The below is a sample of what can be expected, but Meat CSA shares will vary by month and availability. Pork will always be frozen. Chicken will be frozen unless the member prefers fresh and lets us know one week prior to pickup. We process chickens every week. Meat CSA runs from April 11 – September 12, 2018. Monthly pickup can be made at any of our three pickup locations on whichever week of the month that suits you best.

  • Sample Share 10 lb/month:
    2 lb Sausage (link or ground – Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Hot or Mild Breakfast)
    2 pack of Pork Chops (4 chops)
    1 Whole Chicken (~ 4 lb bird)
    1 pack of Chicken Legs (6 chicken legs)
    1 pack of Chicken Wings (~ 10 wings)
    1 pack of Chicken Breast (2 breasts)
    1 pack of Chicken Stock Mix (2 necks and 2 backs)
  • Sample Share 15 lb/month:
    3 lb Sausage (link or ground – Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Hot or Mild Breakfast)
    2 pack of Pork Chops (4 chops)
    1 Boston Butt (~ 3 lb)
    1 Whole Chicken (~ 4 lb bird)
    1 pack of Chicken Legs (~ 6  legs)
    1 pack of Chicken Wings (~ 10  wings
    1 pack of Chicken Thighs (4-5 thighs)
    1 pack of Chicken Breast (2 breasts)
    1 pack of Chicken Stock Mix (2 necks and 2 backs)

Delivery/Pick-Up Location:We have decided that we will offer four pick up locations for our CSA members. The first will be on Wednesdays at the Downtown Raleigh Farmers’ Market on Fayetteville Street from 10AM-2PM. The second is also on Wednesday in Cameron Village from 6PM-7PM. The third will be Saturday at the Midtown Farmers’ Market at North Hills from 8AM-noon. The fourth is at the farm during our on-farm stand hours Thursday afternoon from 3-7PM. If you have a conflict on either day, please let us know so that we can work out a separate arrangement.

Subscription Application Deadline is March 15, 2018. But, space is limited so sign up now to reserve your spot!

For Subscription information fill out  2018 subscription Form below:

2018 CSA Subscription Form

Please email or call us with any questions or for more information. Thanks so much and we can’t wait!

email: oldmilburniefarm@gmail.com
phone: 919-609-9877