Old Milburnie Farm will be hosting several on-farm events this Fall. Four have been put on the calendar so far, but check our facebook, instagram and website for more upcoming events. For event tickets check out our shop.

Fall Events
September 16– Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner – with Spread Catering and Wine Feed
November 5 – Fall Harvest Dinner – with Foothills Brewing and Royale
November 18 – OMF Pig Picking

September 16-“Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” with Spread Catering and Wine Feed

Old Milburnie Farm & Spread NC have teamed up to create a multi-course extravaganza cooked by Spread and farmed by OMF. Veggies, Chicken, Pork, Mushrooms, and Honey straight from our farm to your plate, exquisitely prepared by John Upsal of Spread NC. Wine selected by The Wine Feed. Get your tickets here. See the full menu in the product description.

Flyer Chicken Dinner


November 5 – Fall Harvest Dinner with Royale – Frances Mallmann style with the crew from Royale and Foothills Brewing Co.

November 18 – OMF Pig-picking – Whole hog barbecue with Stanbury and friends. More details coming soon.