How we raise them

Our pigs are fed a mixed diet of: 100% GMO-free feed, vegetable scraps from the garden and local restaurants, and brewers’ grain from local breweries. Some of our restaurant and brewery partners include: Stanbury, Standard Food, Garland, AC Restaurants and Trophy Brewing Co. We raise heritage breeds of pigs as nature intended, rooting and foraging in the woods. Our pigs are raised without anti-biotics. Our hogs are Berkshire/Cheshire crosses.

Where to buy them

Our pork is available in two ways. The first is at our farmers markets. Secondly, we seasonally offer bulk pork orders. Bulk orders require the purchase of a half or whole hog . Customers can select between three options for their meat. A whole or half hog order allows the customer to save money and try some new cuts of meat. Our bulk pork price is $7/lb. This is a bit higher than other farms, but is a direct result of our decision to use GMO-free feed for our hogs. For more information click here. For the spring pork sale, bulk pork orders need to be made by February 20, 2016.